Jasmine Cherí is a bright color lovin', beach bummin', musician, radio host, dancer and painter based in Nashville, TN. She's a singer, songwriter and producer, dabbling around on various instruments including keys, upright bass, hand drums, Native American flute, guitar, zither and just about anything else she can get her hands on!  Her genre bending music can be described as electro-acoustic worldbeat indie, with influences from music all over the world. She also enjoys sharing her passion for music as a radio host for Radio Margaritaville on SiriusXM!

Jasmine was raised in a musical family and has always had a passion for the arts since she was a small child. Her father, Tom Shinness, was a virtuoso multi-instrumentalist who exposed Jasmine to many types of exotic music and instruments from all around the world. She began playing instruments at a very young age. By the time she was 19 she was writing and performing her own original songs. In Nashville she gained much experience playing live shows with her father, Tom Shinness as a duo. When she was 21 she began experimenting with producing her own music with recording software on her laptop. This eventually led to a large collection of songs that inspired her to release her own full length solo album, which is now in progress. Her exposure to world beat music in the family home attributed to her current musical style. As a teenager Jasmine discovered and developed a love for electronic chill out albums, and this combined with her passion for dancing and dance music, has also added a great deal of influence to her musical flavor. Jasmine’s musical influence has come from many artists including Enya, Sade, Bjork, Imogen Heap and various musical styles such as spanish style guitar, middle eastern music, reggae, symphonic and electronica. 

From a small child Jasmine has found enjoyment in painting and making jewelry. By the time she was 12 years old she was selling her jewelry designs to her mother’s co-workers! She won many awards for visual art all through high school and has displayed and sold her art and art prints at many types of creative events, including live music shows in which she painted live during the performance. Her visual art is much inspired by artists such as Mucha, M.C. Escher and Peter Max. Her whimsical style entails bright colors, geometric shapes and organic imagery from nature. Much of all her creative expressions, whether musical or visual are inspired by the beauty, life and textures found in nature. She feels the most alive and at peace when she is outside. Just like her songs, each painting tells a beautiful story piece of an era of her life where she overcame an obstacle and discovered something special, developed a new strength or came to a deeper, positive spiritual understanding about her life, about God and the world around her. Her music and her paintings are very much related to one another. 

Dancing is something that has been running in her family for several generations. She still has fond memories of her grandpa dancing with her as a small child, and has enjoyed hearing stories of how her great grandmother was a spanish flamenco dancer. While living in Nashville, she took her passion for dancing and entered into dance teacher training at Dance World, a top competitive ballroom dance studio in Nashville. She professionally taught ballroom, latin and swing dance for 7.5 years. Just as she feels that music and art can be intertwined and combined to express a particular theme or emotion, dancing can also do the same. Though each art form is expressed with very different mediums, she feels strongly that they are all so closely interconnected and can be combined together to make a powerful statement that goes straight to the heart and gives people a positive, inspiring experience. 

Her creative pieces, both visual and musical, are all interconnected and express themes that revolve around hope, restoration, love and joy.  She has a passion to uplift and inspire other's to break through their fear, insecurities, doubts and other limitations to pursue their passions and to find the freedom to become the full expression of who they are.

Photo Credit:  www.emilygreencreative.com

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