Tom & Jasmine

For over ten years Jasmine played music with her father, Tom Shinness as a duo. Most of her musical influence came from watching his musical genius and innovation growing up. He was the master of many stringed instruments including the harp guitar, cello, bass, mandolin, harp, zither as well as piano, marimba, percussion, bamboo flutes and other exotic musical trinkets from around the world. They produced a number of songs together that was never released with influences ranging from bossa nova, jazz, folk and worldbeat. February 2017, Tom lost his life to cancer. Jasmine plans to finish and release their collection of songs shortly after she debuts her solo album.

Tom's solo music can be described as soothing acoustic instrumental. He played and performed from a very young age. Music was his passion and his mission in life. He released a total of six albums during his lifetime. Many fans have described his music as being the ultimate stress relief soundscape. To hear his instrumental albums, check out his Bandcamp profile HERE.

Tom Shinness & Phil Keaggy

"Brothers & Friends" is a very special collection of music compiled by Phil Keaggy, shortly after Tom's passing in 2017. They became friends in the 80's and played together on and off throughout the years. Both being virtuoso level musicians, when they played together the creativity was incredibly beautiful. This album features music they collaborated on between 2002-2008, and was released just in time for Tom's tribute concert held in Nashville at the 3rd & Lindsley headlined by Keb Mo, who Tom toured with at one point. This collection of music features all instrumental tracks except for "Beautiful Collapse", written by Jason Truby from the band P.O.D., and features Jasmine on vocals. Tom added cello, zither and other creative sounds to the song that truly took it to a new level. You can listen on the player to the left and hear the entire album HERE.

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